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Stephanie Osorio @tefysinger / Photo credit Manuela Gomez

Fruta del Corazón is now available for sale!

You can now buy my album "Fruta del Corazón" in digital or physical (CD) format.

Don't miss this opportunity, it's a limited edition!

Visual conceptualization and illustration : Adriana García-Cruz and Antonio Javier Caparo


Stephanie Osorio |

Stephanie Osorio is participating this year in the 16th edition of the Syli d'Or de la musique du monde!

On Tuesday April 4th, starting at 8:30 pm at Club Balattou, come and support Stephanie to bring her to the semi-finals! 

Doors open at 8pm! Free admission. Attend both concerts. THE PUBLIC BECOMES THE JURY! You will be asked to fill out an evaluation form, it is important to EVALUATE BOTH of the evening's performances.

Stephanie Osorio | Lancement de clip video

Stephanie Osorio launches her video clip "Como esa Mulata" on March 10th

Through the eye of Mariano Franco, on March 10th, Stephanie Osorio will present her new video clip "Como esa Mulata" which will be published on her YouTube channel. This single that was released last February 24th, is a song inspired by the beauty of the mestizo woman of the Caribbean and at the same time, a song dedicated to her girl of a thousand colors. 

Stephanie Osorio | Latin Awards Canada 2022 - Female Artist of the Year

Stephanie Osorio wins the Latin Awards Canada 2022 in the category "Female Artist of the Year".

Latin Awards Canada is an event organized by The Cruz-A Foundation, which is a non-profit organization composed of a governing body and a large group of collaborators, whose objective is to reward, highlight and recognize the values and efforts of local artists, youth and talent residing in Canada, as well as sports entrepreneurs, journalists, broadcasters, promoters, Latin media and Canadian personalities.


Stephanie Osorio - Fruta del Corazón (album)

FRUTA DEL CORAZÓN is a compilation of moments, feelings and emotions throughout my life that have traveled with me, from the tropics to the north, through the sea and the wind, transformed into musical poems.

Album - Released on 03/03/23

Stephanie Osorio - Como esa Mulata (single)

COMO ESA MULATA is a song inspired by the mestizo beauty of the Caribbean woman. A song for my girl of a thousand colors.

Single - Released on 24/02/23

Stephanie Osorio - Despertar (single)

DESPERTAR is an invitation to face our fears and to follow our deepest dreams. It is a musical piece, whose rhythm evokes a form of rebellion against the schemes imposed by society, taking us to a fantasy world where it is possible to make everything we long for come true.

Single - Released on 01/09/22

Stephanie Osorio - La Blanca (single)

LA BLANCA is a gift and a recognition of the beauty of Latina woman who carries the Afro-descendant culture in her blood and who knows how to express it through music and dance.

Single - Released on 24/02/22



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4 apr.

16th edition of the Syli d’Or               

 Montreal, Canada

Stephanie Osorio @tefysinger / Photography and illustration : Adriana García-Cruz and Antonio Javier Caparo


Born on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, in the city of Cartagena, Stephanie is a Colombian-Canadian and professional singer-songwriter of various Latin American musical styles.
With her voice, she won the second prize Charles-Émile Gadbois as a performer at the 2011 Chante en français contest, organized by the DO-MI-SOL Foundation and more recently, she won the Latin Awards Canada 2022 in the category "Female Artist of the Year".
She has also participated as a singer in numerous musical projects in Colombia and Canada and is currently the lead singer and composer of the Afro-Colombian music group Bumaranga since 2012. Throughout her musical career, Stephanie has been invited to collaborate with several artists in the Quebec music scene and her voice has been used to create themes for movies and TV series for HBO, Netflix and Amazon.
Currently, Stephanie is pursuing a career as a solo singer of her own musical compositions.

Photography and illustration : Adriana García-Cruz and Antonio Javier Caparo

Stephanie Osorio @tefysingerStephanie Osorio @tefysingerStephanie Osorio @tefysinger